Winning Government Contracts requires a business development team. Let us be your team!

Selling to the Government doesn't need to be difficult!


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You can look at contracts up to 5 years in advance.

Solicitations from SAM indexed by Keyword, NAICS, PSC by National Stock Number
Sub-sets by State, set-aside, by Place of performance, and by CAGE/SAM registration
Solicitation history for the past 2 years

• Contracting officers by facility or agency
• By Zip and agency
• By Key Word

• By Key Word
• By FSC
• By Zip Code
• By State

• Parts by NSN and FSC as well as matched keywords. CAGE/SAM
• Award history of Parts from 1961
• 600,000 sets of Drawings
• Daily solicitations by email and database NSN (updated 4x daily)
• Prices back to 1961
• 4.3 million Technical Characteristics
• Primes by FSC

• Award History back to 2003
• Provided by FSC, NAICS, Company, Key Word
• By zip code, Agency, and State
• FOIA officers for all agencies
• Listing of SADBU and OSDBU

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Proxity was formed in 2005 with the desire to be your one-stop shop for all your Government contracting needs.
All training and technical support are provided to you at no charge.

• Solicitations
• CIO personnel in every State
• CIOs of 1,400 Cities and Counties
• 1,420 Purchasing offices in Cities and Counties 
• State agency phone books of all States
• 1,500 Public Works officials in States and local Governments

• Electronic Folders for Sales and Management
• Download all data to Excel or forward to Email
• Unlimited Downloads to Excel
• All research data provided to Professional Services
• Agencies organization and Spending
• FOIA Templates
• Solicitations history back 5 years
• B2B
• Teaming History
• Prime Contractors by NAICS/set-aside
• Military and Federal locations

Take a look at how you can start Winning Government Contracts
Below is a glimpse of what our intelligent system has to offer you. Watch as our Contracting Expert, Chris, demonstrates a couple of sample searches for you.
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Expiring Contracts

Over 90% of all contracts are reoccurring contracts. You can use our database to determine when contracts are coming up, who has them, what are they worth and the contracting official involved.

All Expiring Contracts through 2028
• By Key Word
• By PSC
• By Agency
• By Company

Start Winning Contracts!

Large companies have a business development team that prepares months in advance prior to the actual bid being announced.  Let Proxity be your team! Sell your products or services, and get your piece of almost a Trillion dollars worth of federal spending.

We are More than Bidding!
There is a bid involved when the announcement hits SAM.GOV.  However, the key is to go after the contracts that are a perfect fit for your capabilities. Then either team with an existing prime or start now by finding out who ~ what ~ where ~ and how much. Proxity can tell you all the unknowns before the item goes to bid ~ WHO is the PRIME ~ HOW MUCH is involved ~ WHERE is the work performed ~ WHO are the contracting officers ~ WHEN is the contract probably coming out for renewal ~ HOW long will it take to land a contract. If you want to win a contract ~ be prepared to fight for the contract.

Teaming Contractors by NAICS

Of the roughly $800,000,000,000 in contracts, most companies have been following the contract up until the contract is bid out. The key is research and being proactive in going after these contracts before they are due. You need to team up with these large contractors.

Military, Federal, State & Local equals $2 Trillion in spending this year!

What are you doing to get a piece of that business?

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