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Federal Supply Group (FSG) #34: Metalworking Machinery

Miscellaneous Welding, Soldering, and Brazing Supplies and Accessories $278,460.37
Lathes $212,000.00
Cutting Tools for Machine Tools $159,082.98
Metal Finishing Equipment $112,094.50
Machine Tool accessories $66,574.06
Grinding Machines $41,110.00
Electric Arc Welding Equipment $23,210.90
Cutting and Forming Tools for Secondary Metalworking Machinery $22,080.40
Bending and Forming Machines $12,500.00
Punching and Shearing Machines $9,366.00
Gas Welding, Heat Cutting, and Metalizing Equipment $7,463.16
Manual Presses $6,107.96
Saws and Filing Machines $4,296.75
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Presses, Power Driven $110.00
Drilling and Tapping Machines $48.00
Electrical and Ultrasonic Erosion Machines
Electric Resistance Welding Equipment
Metal Heat Treating and Non-Thermal Treating Equipment
Production Jigs, Fixtures, and Templates
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