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Federal Supply Group (FSG) #53: Hardware and Abrasives

O-Ring $41,457,045.98
Packing and Gasket Materials $14,323,617.23
Fastening Devices $12,214,526.30
Screws $11,431,458.89
Bolts $10,301,642.23
Hardware, Commercial $9,255,540.30
Nails, Machine Keys, and Pins $2,368,549.66
Nuts and Washers $1,812,685.45
Rings Shims and Spacers $1,379,760.23
Rivets $785,161.68
Hardware, Weapon System $704,963.53
Studs $568,834.95
Coil, Flat, Leaf, and Wire Springs $437,142.58
Knobs and Pointers $138,868.15
Brackets $11,305.00
Metal Screening $8,234.98
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