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The Sample searches below show you the power of the Proxity database

Road Map

Based on the NAICS you gave to the Government, the Biz Plan will tell you where you need to go in the next 5 years to get government business by telling you: agencies acquiring your goods or services, number of dollars spent in 2014 and the associated number of contracts, a listing of your competition and the number of contracts they received, your current opportunities from State/Local/FBO and DOD as well as the expiring contract opportunities thru 2019.

The databases main menu with mouse overs to tell you what each search engine does.

Our service provides you with a daily email of your solicitations from FBO, DLA, All the military sites as well as state and local. We are the only company that monitors DLA as well as FBO.

This search will allow the user to view contracts that are set to expire in the next 5 years. We tell you last awarded price, set aside, incumbent, Contracting officer information, place of performance

Proxity is the only SINGLE SOURCE from the three U.S. Market arenas: Military Small Purchase, Federal Contracts, State and Local Data.
Site Disclaimer: system provides data derived from Government Sources and does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the data provided from these public sources.
Copyright- duplication of the databases, indexing and user tools are strictly forbidden